What should you know about Ramdev Baba medicines?

Baba Ramdev is well-known all over the world for his dedication to yoga. He has brought forward various yoga poses to make people healthy in a natural way. One more effort in this regard which has been made by Yoga-guru is manufacture of herbal medicines. These medicines are also commonly known as Ramdev Baba medicines or Patanjali medicines. It has been done so as to give people a natural cure for their physical and mental ailments. Ramdev Baba medicines are produced under Patanjali Yogpeetha in the Divya Pharmacy. He has started manufacturing these medicines so as to establish the worth of Ayurvedic medicines at international level.

What are the ingredients in Ramdev Baba medicines?

As is clear from their name, Ramdev Baba medicines are prepared from herbs found in nature. Apart from herbs, some useful metals as well as natural ingredients such as ginger, garlic, honey, lemon juice, rose water, turmeric, black pepper, rock salt or similar other ingredients which are completely natural or organic in nature are used to prepare Baba Ramdev medicines.

Are Ramdev Baba medicines certified?

An apt answer to this question may be gauged from the fact that all the medicines from the pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji are manufactured with the help of high tech equipments. These equipments are certified by international standards such as GMP, GLP and ISO 9001.

Swami Ramdev Medicine
Swami Ramdev Medicines

Are Ramdev Baba medicines safe to use?

Owing to their completely organic and herbal nature, Ramdev Baba medicines are definitely safe to be used by anyone. A person just needs to get his/her problem properly diagnosed by medical practitioner and take the medicines under the supervision of concerned physician. No side-effects whatsoever are produced by Ramdev Baba medicines if these are taken properly.

For what purpose/disease may Ramdev Baba medicines be used?

Baba Ramdev Ji is well-aware of different physical and mental disorders relevant to human body. Keeping in view the same fact, Baba Ramdev Ji emphasizes on manufacturing of medicines for almost all type of disorders. In other words, Baba Ramdev medicines are not targeted on any one disorder relevant to human body rather these may be used to treat wide range of diseases or ailments.

Baba Ramdev Ji medicines may be used for minor or common problems such as cold, cough, headache, stomach pain, acidity or stomach flatulence. These can even be used to get rid of major health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, eye problems, infections or such other problems which have an adverse effect on the health of a person.

In what form Ramdev Baba medicines are available?

To facilitate ease of use, Baba Ramdev medicines are available in different forms including capsules, tablets, syrups, kwaths, vati, powdered form or churna, Bhasmas, Asawas etc. For external applications, Baba Ramdev pharmacy has made available products to cure various health ailments in the form of oils, creams, gels and soaps.

Keeping in view all these facts, one may use Ramdev Baba medicines to cure any of his/her health problems effectively.


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