How Obesity can be Controlled by Ayurvedic Medicines

Today, obesity is a very common problem and not only aged or adults are suffering from this problem but the numbers of children are increasing day by day. Obesity is not a disease, but due to obesity many problems can occur in body. Obesity or being overweight problem is increasing day by day, and the main reason behind this is unhealthy lifestyle. The diseases which are generally caused by obesity are heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and different types of cancer. Obesity is diagnosed when a BMI (body mass index) is higher than his height. So it is very crucial for maintaining the BMI of the body according to the height of the person.

Warning Signs of Obesity

  • There are some warning signs that show us that obese people are more prone to diseases.
  • Obese people have trouble in sleep.
  • They may have shortness of breath.
  • Osteoarthritis may cause in joints and mainly in knees of the individual.
  • There may be chances of skin problems in obese people.
  • People who are overweight find problem in digestion and other gastric issues.
  • Obese individuals are more prone to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high level of blood sugar, and high triglycerides levels.

Natural Remedies to Cure Obesity

There are many natural remedies which are helpful in reducing weight of obese people. Lemon water is an excellent way of reducing the weight. One should take lemon water every day for few months and get rid of extra kilos.

  1. Ginger is also very effective in reducing the weight. Chew few pieces of ginger with lemon juice twice a day. It will be beneficial in reducing extra fats from the body.
  2. Add two spoons of lemon juice in luke warm water with honey will give a delightful results for those who want to shred their weight in kilos.
  3. Taking 8-10 curry leaves in morning will help in reducing the weight in 2-3 months.

Ramdev Medicines for Obesity

Ramdev medicines for weight loss are quite effective and helpful in shredding extra kilos from the body. These herbal medicines are effective in reducing weight and control the appetite of the person. Regular intake of these ramdev medicines for weight loss is beneficial in loosing kilos in few months. Some of the main herbal medicines are divya medohar vati, divya peya or herbal tea, divya triphala churna. These herbal remedies controlling the appetite and improves the digestion.

The herbal tea is a natural peya which improves the overall digestion of the body and provides energy whole day. Triphala churna helps in digestion of food. It also maintains the balance of the hormones. This should be taken twice in a day. This churna reduces the problem of constipation and flatulence. Apart from medicines one should also perform some physical activities or exercises. Because it is very important to do some yoga and pranayam, so that extra fats will be removed.


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