Natural Medicine for Asthma

When the lower respiratory tract gets severely infected and the bronchioles start getting blocked by sticky mucus, it leads to breathing difficulties that can be categorized as asthma. Asthma results when the immune system gets compromised and the body tries to desperately cope up to breath but keeps crumbling. The lungs are unable to perform to their optimum capacity and this leads to asthma, an auto immune disorder, which can lead to relentless respiratory anguish.

Sitopaladi Churna-200x200

Natural Medicine for Asthma is normally activated by an allergen and this causes a rapid reaction by triggering breathing difficulties because the working capacity of the lungs is drastically affected. The allergen causes the lungs to inflame and this leads to labored and painful breathing. The respiratory tubes start to gather mucus and get blocked with clammy phlegm.

There is a discomfort and tenderness in the lungs which increases if the atmosphere is humid and wet. The moment the season changes and there is a dip in the temperature and an increase in dusty winds or pollen. The asthmatics start to breathe hard and complain of wheezing. This starts with a weird and loud racking “dog like bark” cough and a whistle from deep within the chest.

There is no age for Asthma and dampness can flare up the symptoms astonishingly. The mucus production becomes extremely fast and even breathing in a lungful of air becomes a huge task. The patient is left breathless and winded. The patient often complains of headache, fatigue, weakness and chest pain. Tasks like walking, running, moving about, that are a part of the everyday life, become an ordeal and even a small movement starts to lead to gasps of breath.

The patient has to be given conventional treatments like nebulizers to improve the breathing process to provide temporary relief.  Conventional practitioners, today, also recognize the benefits of ayurveda and say a “yes” to Herbal remedies that can relieve symptoms of asthma within no time.

Divya Swasari Ras by Baba Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy helps diminish mucus production down and is very helpful in reducing the tenderness in the lungs. Divya Sitopladi churna another ayurvedic remedy,made from medicinal herbs that can improve mucus production in the lungs, and it also prevents the body from succumbing to asthma attacks. The fatigue and lethargy are taken care of, and body vigor is restored. The blocked lungs that keep collecting on mucus start to repel the phlegm and bronchioles in the lungs open up.

The package for asthma has Divya Abhrak Bhasm that helps in boosting up immune system and controls repeated asthma attacks.

Divya Trikatu Churna  and Divya Praval Pisti for asthma, stops mucus formation in the chest and keeps the lungs free from congestion.

Chronic cough can be very painful and irritating. Baba Ramdev’s Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras is a side effect free, herbal asthma remedy that provides respite from chronic cough by boosting the body cells with surplus energy. Baba Ramdev also has created Divya Sanjivini vati that has been prepared from medicinal herbs that are known to control mucus production.


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