Churna For Acidity


Stomach normally produces hydrochloric acid that helps in digestion of nutrients that are present in the food. If the hydrochloric acid is produced in excess but the digestive system needs less acid to digest the food, then the extra acid stays inside the stomach and causes acidity symptoms in the body.

There is an uncomfortable and burning sensation that is caused by the ingestion of heavy foods, and this causes hyperacidity and acidity. Acidity is a symptom indicating that stomach is producing extra hydrochloric acid that need to be tapered down. To provide respite from these uncomfortable symptoms, the spices and fried food intake need to be cut down drastically.

You can avail readily available “over the counter drugs” to relieve the acidity symptoms and try to balance the extra content of acids in the stomach, but these do not provide a permanent relief from hyperacidity. After a few days you will notice that the symptoms of stomach discomfort will creep back again and you will go searching in your medicine chest, to pop in some relievers. What is the ideal way to stop these recurrent acidity attacks?

After eating food the person starts to feel a strange gripping in the chest muscles and there is immense discomfort caused by regurgitation sensations. Leaving the condition untreated can make one writhe with discomfort that is caused by heart burn, pain in chest and nausea. Another very irritating indigestion and hyperacidity symptom is sour belching that needs to be controlled.  Going the natural way to balance the stomach’s acid levels is the only way that is safe from side effects. Herbal mixtures, home remedies, ayurveda and naturopathy have been known to provide relief from the symptoms.

If the situation is left untreated over a period of time and the acids keep lying inside the stomach, they have a tendency of hitting back or causing “reflux” that leads to ulcerations in the esophagus and stomach lining. The localized or diffused ulcerations are a source of great pain and discomfort. If a balance is struck between the digestive juices and the acids in the stomach then the indigestion symptoms of pain, flatulence, nausea and burning starts to recede.

Herbal combinations are ideal to provide relief from acidity without causing any side effects. They can be consumed for a long period of time as they are obtained from nature and herbal in origin.

Baba Ramdev’s Divya Avipattikara churna provides quick remedy from heart burn and acidity and has shown great promise in getting rid of hyperacidity. Divya Mukta Sukti bhasm is a herb that provides relief from stomach discomfort and acidity. Combine these two Baba Ramdev products and see how the stomach cools down and gets respite from the discomfort. You can take the two herbal remedies independently also.

Chronic acidity patients need to try out the herb rich Divya moti pisti. The three acidity remedies are enclosed in one packet and can be purchased for relief from stomach burning. While you are taking Baba Ramdev’s herbal remedies, pop in some aniseeds, jiggery, cold milk or banana in your mouth too. These have been used to look after chronic acidity in ayurvedic books.


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