Carry Out Yoga For Paralysis To Improve Physical Movements

Inability or incapacity of the body to carry out movements of one or more muscles due to loss of muscle coordination is referred to as paralysis. It may be caused due to compression or weakening of some important nerve of the brain or the body. As a result, the flow of blood and transmission of signals to the concerned body parts or organs is affected in an adverse manner. Consequently, the coordination amid brain and the affected muscles of the relevant body parts is lost. That is why the patient is unable to move these muscles. The said condition is then referred to as paralysis. There may be temporary or permanent loss of muscle movements depending upon the severity of the problem.


Most patients affected with paralysis get disappointed and lose hope of moving their body parts again. But there is still a ray of hope in the form of yoga for paralysis. Various yoga poses or asanas help in improving flow of blood to the entire body. This in turn improves flexibility of the concerned muscles. Hence the patient becomes able to move the affected muscles slowly.  Some of the most effective yoga poses or asanas for paralysis patients and their individual effects on the affected body parts are as given below.
Yoga for paralysis

Easy Pose – As the name suggests, it is an easy pose that can be performed by anyone easily. It aims at making your spine straight. The mind is also calmed down with the help of this pose.
Mountain pose – Clear by the name, this pose is aimed at making your muscles as strong as mountains. At the same time, the stretched muscles are also relaxed with the help of this pose.

Half Spinal Twist Pose – The yoga for paralysis aims at making one of the most important parts of muscular system i.e. spine straight and strong. And this task is well – accomplished with the help of the Half Spinal Twist. It makes your spine long, strong and straight.

How is yoga for paralysis beneficial for the patients?

The yoga for paralysis is advantageous for the body in multiple ways. There are different types of yoga asanas or yoga poses that help in improving muscle coordination. Some of the most important and chief advantages of yoga for paralysis are as mentioned below.

a. The muscular system including spine as well as all the muscles and bones of the body are stretched. It helps in releasing any tension therein so as to improve the relevant functions.

b. Yoga for paralysis is beneficial for the patients in yet another way. It helps in improving the strength of all the bones and muscles of the body. This in turn improves movements of the affected muscles in an automatic way.

c. Along with strength, the supply of blood, nutrients as well as oxygen to the entire body is also improved. This action is vital to ensuring normal movements of the affected body parts.

d. The lost coordination amid brain and the affected body parts is retained so that the patient may be able to carry out normal movements without any problems.

This was all about yoga for paralysis and the associated benefits. The yoga patients are advised to carry out yoga for paralysis so as to keep their body moving normally.


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