Psoriasis Ayurvedic

This particular skin condition results in dry, red and painful patches of thickened skin. Vata and Pitta doshas are the major causes of psoriasis that occurs due to accumulation of toxins.

Causes – Psoriasis may affect due to many causes including heredity. It may run down from the forefathers to the offspring. Improper foods like taking fish and milk together may be the culprit behind psoriasis. Bruises, burns, cuts or certain medications may also be responsible for psoriasis. Alcohol, stress or psychological trauma may also result in this disease.

Psoriasis Ayurvedic

Symptoms – Itching or burning skin, loose slivery scales, raised pus-filled bumps, redness of skin, difficulty in joint movements and painful sensations along with inflammation may also be the signs of psoriasis. Dry skin patches, bleeding, and other such signs also indicate presence of psoriasis.

Pain and swelling in the joints is the sign of psoriasis. It may lead to stiffness. The affected fingers and toes show signs of sausage-like appearances. Yellow-orange discoloration of the nails is also the sign of psoriasis.

Treatment – Many conventional types of medicines are available in the market few of which usually result in side effects. This is because of the toxins and harmful substances that exist in them. That’s why people now take ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis .

Ayurvedic system of medicines suggests the following tips that act as strong treatments for curing psoriasis:

a. Opposite foods like taking fish with milk must be avoided.
b. Natural urges should not be suppressed. It includes bowels, urination or vomiting.
c. Avoid taking cold water bath after heavy workout, long walks or travelling.
d. Foods responsible for indigestion must be avoided.
e. Avoid taking sour, acidic or salty foods.
f. Sleeping in the afternoon should be avoided.
g. Curds, jiggery, sesame or radish etc should be avoided.
h. The affected part of the body may be covered with fresh thin banana leaf.
i. Sesame seeds also work wonders. Soak them in water, keep in the night and take the water early morning before taking anything else.
j. Taking bitter gourd juice before consuming anything in the morning is also good. Regular intake for five or six months works wonders. Adding some lime juice may change the taste.
k. Irregular food habits like taking dairy products with fish must be avoided.
l. Taking excessive yogurt, seafood, black gram and salted items should be avoided.
m. Alcohol and tobacco consumption should also be minimized.
n. Those taking stress must avoid it as it is behind psoriasis.
o. Detoxification of the body and elimination of body fluids is good. It can be achieved through Panchkarma treatment.
p. Taking medicated ghee is also good.
q. Detoxification through vomiting and purgation is also good for the patients that suffer from psoriasis.
r. Medicated enemas are also good.
s. Herbal concoctions are also much helpful for staying away from psoriasis.
t. A strict diet regime is good for the patients.
u. Taking sufficient water after frequent intervals is good.
v. Simple exercises and yoga asana also work wonders.


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