Enhance Brain Functions With Ayurvedic Medicine For Memory

Good memory means excellence in almost all fields of life. It is because you can give best performance in all walks of life only if you are able to keep things in your memory for long time. Hence it is very much important to have sharp memory for most optimal and normal brain functions. Although most people have average to good memory however some people may have weak memory. It may be by birth or even sometimes it may be caused due to certain other reasons such as those related to the brain functions or physical aspect of the human body.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Memory

Generally, people prefer taking tonics or other conventional medicines available in the market that claim to improve memory. However, ayurvedic medicine for memory proves to be quite effective in this regard. Ayurvedic medicine for memory comprises use of certain herbal or even natural remedies to enhance brain functions. Here are some of the top-effective ayurvedic medicine options for memory enhancement.

a. Mix cumin powder in honey and consume this mixture two times in a day to have the most excellent results.

b. Similarly, honey may be consumed by mixing the same in cinnamon powder. It is to be taken at night time to have the desired results. It nurtures the brain and hence improves memory automatically.

c. Almonds are best known for their positive impact on the brain. It is due to antioxidant action shown by the almonds. Also these are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that are quite useful in improving memory. You may consume 5-10 almonds that have been soaked in water for an overnight everyday in the morning. Alternatively, peel off the skin of the soaked almonds and then crush the same to form a paste. Boil this paste in milk and have the same. Honey or sugar may be added for taste enhancing effect.

d. Similarly, you may prepare a breakfast by mixing a cup of oats with milk. To this add chopped dates, almonds and honey. Mix all the ingredients well and have this as your breakfast. Eat an apple following breakfast to get the most effective results as far as memory improvement is concerned.

e. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may be consumed to improve your memory. It is the best ayurvedic medicine for memory. You may consume sardines, salmon or Mackerel for this.

f. In the same way, walnuts and flax seeds may be consumed regularly to have the desired benefits.

g. Brahmi herb is also considered to be one among the best ayurvedic medicine for memory enhancement. It acts as an excellent brain tonic. Also it exhibits potent neuroprotective action. Juice extracted from Brahmi herb may be taken 2-3 times per day. Honey may be added for taste enhancement purpose.

h. Dried rosemary may be boiled in water and strained. Add honey for enhancing taste and consume this liquid for few weeks to improve your memory.

i. Memory may also be improved with the help of black seeds. Take powdered form of black seeds and add honey to it. Consume it two times per day for few weeks.


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