Treating Acidity The Ayurvedic Way

Called by its other names, i.e. Acid Reflux, Acid Brush or Heartburn; Acidity causes many problems. It may be referred to as the specific condition when acids supposed to break the food make backward movements.

Symptoms – The usual symptoms of acidity include stomach pain, heartburns, chest pain, sore eructation, nausea or vomiting etc.

Causes – Over-eating, wrong eating habits, excessive excretion of hydrochloric acid from the gastric cells, oily eatables and inactivity etc.

Treatment– People affected with acidity usually take the traditional medicines few of which sometimes put side effects.

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Ayurveda and acidity – Ayurvedic System of Medicines recommends the following treatments that act as strong Ayurvedic Medicines for Acidity:

  •  Licorice – This wonderful product provides sufficient relief. Persons taking it in regular manners are able to get rid of acidity.
  • Amla – This is another effective treatment that acts like a strong medicine. Wonderful results have been reported with its even use.
  •  Mint – Those taking it are relieved from the problem of acidity.
  •  Dhaatri Lauha – This is another useful product that is recommended as a strong ayurvedic medicine.
  •  Narikel Havan – Patients suffering from acidity must try it.
  • Avipattikar churna – This powdered product works wonders in saying NO to acidity and its ill effects.
  •  Sukumara Ghrita – Excellent results are possible with this product that gives sufficient relief.
  • Kamadudha Ras – This is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for acidity and its ill effects.
  • Coriander Tea – Even use of this tea is helpful in getting good relief.
  •  Coconut water – Taking this water twice a day is good for acidity.
  • Amalaki Powder – Enriched with vitamin C, this powder is much helpful in saying NO to acidity.
  •  Bhringraja – This is another useful ayurvedic medicine that treats acidity in natural manners.
  •  Triphala – Add some guduchi and snakeguard leaves to triphla and take the mixture thrice a day for good results.
  • Taking milk by adding some ghee works wonders.
  •  Black molasses – Make a mixture of black molasses and baking soda. Take it at regular intervals and see acidity going away.
  •  Grape juice – This juice helps in saying NO to acidity.
  •  Chamomile – Acidity can be reduced to great extent with chamomile.
  • Cardamom – Making its use in even manners works wonders.
  •  Lemon water – Taking this water twice a day is much helpful.
  •  Ginger juice – This is one of the best treatments for acidity.
  •  Apple cider vinegar – This vinegar is much helpful for the patients.
  •  Organic milk – Taking it regularly gives good results.
  •  Moringa Olifefera – Those suffering from acidity must try this product that acts like a powerful medicine.

Ayurvedic treatments – Ayurveda recommends fiber-rich foods, pumpkin, cow’s milk, pomegranate and barley etc. Those suffering from acidity must stay away from oily foods, red meat, alcohol, tobacco and other such things. Simple exercises, yoga asana, sufficient water are a must for acidity.

Why take Ayurvedic medicines – These medicines contain organic ingredients that do not include any toxic or harmful elements. The users are at zero risk as no side effects are involved in these treatments. As such patients must try these useful medicines.


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