Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Problems

The body carries out various functions like respiration, blood circulation, excretion, digestion etc, in an unconscious manner to stay healthy, but there are different organs which are accountable for smooth working of the body.

When the body performs its bodily functions, it starts to accumulate wastes that need to be secreted out immediately, to maintain body health and retain adequate energy for its functions. Two small bean shaped organs, called kidneys, situated near the lower abdomen, are responsible for cleansing of the body through excretion. The kidneys excrete the harmful toxins out from the body in the form of urine. These half disc shaped organs need to remain in proper working order or else the body starts to collect wastes and water and begins to swell up. This translucent swelling is evident under the eyes and around the ankles and is termed as edema.

One tubular structure from each kidney enters the urinary bladder at two points and the urine passes through this. The kidney contains roughly one million nephrons that act as a sieve and these regulate vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the body. The wastes flow through these and in the form of urine they collect in the urinary bladder ready for expulsion. The mineral salts are effectively diluted with this method and the minerals recycled for use.


Excretion is an involuntary filtering process that carries on day and night without fail but this can be gravely disturbed by unhealthy diet and food habits. Smoking, drinking alcohol, substance abuse, drugs, strong medications, and intake of other unnatural substances makes the kidneys work unnaturally harder. If this happens over a prolonged period the natural ability of the kidneys to carry out the excretion process is disturbed and the body starts to gallop towards a physical breakdown.

The kidneys start to swell up and become inflamed and they become very tender to touch. The natural performance is affected and the kidney starts to show signs of various diseases. The kidneys need to be detoxified regularly and the diet needs to be altered. Excess salt, sugar, fried food and sodas need to be avoided at all costs.

Ayurveda is the best and natural way of treating kidneys and also helps in improving the immune system. If the kidneys show renal calculus or the presence of stones then Divya Asmarihar Ras, by Baba Ramdev has shown amazing benefits. This ayurvedic medicine for kidney breaks the larger stones into miniscule pieces and excretes them out of the body. It also helps in increasing the nutritive content to the kidney and keeps kidney infections at bay.

Kidney problems are common in people who suffer from metabolic diseases and cardio vascular problems. Water consumption is a must as this helps in the natural flushing of the kidneys. Baba Ramdev’s Divya Punarnavadi Mandur and his herbal package of remedies for renal failure also help supply nutrition to the kidneys and keep them healthy. When the kidneys get a regular supply of blood and nutrition they stay healthy.


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