Herbal-Churna, The Best Medication To Kill Constipation

Many people consider constipation to be the mother of many diseases. Yes that is true. Candidly, our food needs to be digested well to energize us. But the persons that suffer from constipation, i.e. difficulty in passing their stool often suffer from various complications. They are unable to digest their food, take it in sufficient manners and also abdominal pains etc.. Many of them take the conventional medicines, few of which sometimes result in side effects. That’s why people now prefer to take the ayurvedic medicines including churna to say NO to constipation.

Preparation method and ingredients – The herbal formulation in the shape of churna for constipation is prepared by sticking to the ayurvedic principles. Good manufacturing practices are adhered to while this churna is prepared. Strict safety checks are also exercised at different levels to ensure its piousness in all respects. No harmful chemicals or toxic substances are mixed in this churna that does not involve any adverse impacts upon the users. Only the organic ingredients are used to make this churna. The herbal components that are mixed well in apt proportions are free from any disease-causing agents.


Dozens of herbal churnas are available in the market. Prominent amongst them are Divya Churna and Kayam Churna. These proprietary medicines facilitate wonderful results to the patients. Following are the ingredients that are contained in these two churnas:

a. Divya Churna – It contains dry ginger, jangha haritaki, Krishna-bija, mishreya, rock-salt, rose flower, saunth and svarna-patri etc.

b. Kayam Churna – It is prepared by mixing black salt, himej, senna leaves, nishoth, svarjika kshara and jethi madh etc.

Both these churnas are beneficial for the users as their pure ingredients facilitate quick relief in getting rid of constipation. Those making use of these churnas are benefited without being affected with any side effects.

Why most of the constipated patients use churnas – The following unique features of churna for constipation makes it the preferred choice of millions of patients:

a. Organic ingredients – As written above, such powdered medicines for constipated persons are made by mixing the herbal components. No harmful chemicals, toxic substances or other disease-causing agents are added to these churnas. The users are at zero risk while they may fall victim to side effects by using some traditional medicines.

b. Natural cure – Those making use of such churnas experience natural treatment. No inconvenience is caused. They are able to pass their stool without any difficulty. No complications are involved as regards these churnas meant to heal the disease.

c. Detoxification – These churnas are able to remove the toxic substances, harmful chemicals and other elements from our blood. Candidly, these churnas act as strong detoxifiers and are helpful in cleansing the blood. Blood circulation is also improved.

d. Empowerment and rejuvenation – Those making use of churna for constipation feel strengthened, rejuvenated and refreshed. Their resistance power to kill the constipation and other diseases’ symptoms goes up in considerable manners.

Do try the herbal churna to get rid of constipation that is responsible for many other ailments too. You can get it delivered at your doorsteps without paying any extra charges.


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