Saying No To Gastric Problems With Home Remedies

Almost all of us get affected with gastric problems that may lead to complications if not treated well in time. Secretion of acids because of disturbed stomach membrane puts the sufferers to great inconvenience. Acidity, indigestion, stomach bloating and heartburn etc. are responsible for gastric problems. These may occur because of viral or bacterial infection, food poisoning, kidney stones, constipation, tumors or ulcers etc. that are too harmful. Gastric problems remedies include the ayurvedic treatments too that are quite effective.


Sticking to the following gives wonderful results:

a. Divya Triphala Churna is one of the wonderful treatments for curing gastric problems. It helps to say NO to indigestion.

b. Taking aloe vera in regular manners works wonders.

c. Make use of glutamine in regular manners as it is quite useful. Available in the shape of capsules or powder it works wonders.

d. Coconut water is another effective treatment that is greatly useful.

e. Take ginger as raw or add it to your daily diets to say NO to formation of excessive gas. It is a great medicine for gastric problems.

f. Gastric problems remedies include use of garlic that is greatly useful in treating excessive gas. Taking garlic juice by adding some cumin, black pepper or coriander seeds are helpful in saying NO to gastric problems.

g. Excellent results can be gained by taking herbal tea made with chamomile, mint, raspberry and blackberry. Daily use of this tea works wonders to get rid of gastric problems.

h. Prepare lemon juice and add baking soda or salt into it. Take it in regular manners for getting rid of gastric problems that are much harmful. Use of this juice in the mornings gives good results.

i. Make use of oregano oil in the shape of drops or capsules to get rid of gastric problems.

j. Mastic gum also gives excellent results for this disorder.

k. Cut potatoes and extract their juice. Take it in regular manners by adding some salt for better results.

l. Use of turmeric leaves by mixing the same into warm milk is quite helpful in saying NO to gastric problems.

m. Take sufficient water after frequent intervals in a day. It helps to detoxify the body and say NO to toxins and other harmful substances. Gastric problems can be got rid of by this method.

n. Fasting can also be good for saying NO to excessive formation of gas that is responsible for so many diseases. Waste products and other toxins can be flushed out with this method.

o. Take fiber rich diets. Include anise, chamomile and fennel etc.

p. Apple cider vinegar also works wonders in giving excellent results.

q. Simple exercises including long walks and yoga asana also help in getting rid of gastric problems.

r. Abstinence from excessive alcohol and smoking may also be much helpful in saying NO to gastric problems.

s. Remaining inactive is one of the major causes of gastric problems. Better get engaged in physical activities that are quite helpful.


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