Treating Psoriasis The Ayurvedic Way

Human body is able to develop new skin cells that replace the skin which sheds or flakes off. Psoriasis is the specific condition wherein new skin cells grow in faster manners. This extraordinary rapid growth of skin cells leads to their accumulation on the surface of the skin that lead to itchy / red / dry skin patches. This ailment affects the nails, scalp and joints etc. It is not only the skin that is greatly affected with psoriasis. Psoriasis may lead to depression, social isolation and low self-esteem. People affected with psoriasis feel discouraged in the company of others.


Genetic factors, viral or bacterial infection, smoking, obesity, excessive stress or use of certain medications may result in psoriasis. Unhygienic habits may also lead to this type of ailment. Though psoriasis is a life-long condition yet the sufferers can reduce the flare-ups with adherence to the doctor’s sincere advice. Treatment plans and other preventive methods may be helpful for the patients.

Various types – Following are the usual types of psoriasis:

a.      Plaque Psoriasis – It leads to itchy and painful red / raised patches.

b.   Guttate Psoriasis – This type of psoriasis is found mostly in the children or youngsters.

c.     Inverse Psoriasis – Red lesions in the body folds refer to this type.

d.     Pustular Psoriasis – White blisters and red skin may be known as this type.

e.  Erythrodermic Psoriasis – Entire body can be affected with this rarely type of inflammatory psoriasis. Pain, widespread redness and severe itching are the symptoms of this type of psoriasis.

There are many types of medicines that are meant to treat psoriasis. But it is the ayurvedic system of medicines that suggests suitable methods to control the disease. Baba Ramdev Ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis is suggestible in this regard. It advocates-

a.      Daily baths – Inflamed skin can be calmed down and scales can be removed with daily baths. Dead Sea / Epsom salt may be used. Hot water or harsh soaps may be avoided for bathing. Use of mild soaps and lukewarm water is suggested for this purpose.

b.     Moisturizers – Applying heavy ointment-based moisturizer and blotting the skin after bathing gives good results. Oils may be preferred for dry skin.

c.     Exposure to mild sunlight – Lesions can be improved by exposing your skin to mild sunlight. Avoid sitting in excessive sun rays. Broad-spectrum sunscreen with considerable SPF may be used to protect the healthy skin.

d.     Refrain from smoking and drinks – These two habits aggravate the psoriasis problem. Hence the patients should stay away from the two.

e.      Avoid the triggers – Stay away from stress, injuries, infections, smoking and other such factors that are responsible for psoriasis.

f.       Use of Aloe Vera, Fish Oil and Oregon grapes is quite beneficial for the patients that suffer from psoriasis.

g.     Divya Kaiashor Guggulu and Baba Ramdev Health Pack for psoriasis and Eczema are also quite effective for treating psoriasis. Easily available, these ayurvedic medicines also work wonders in giving sufficient relief.

h.     Yoga Asana and physical exercises also come under Baba Ramdev Ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis. It is quite effective and useful for the patients.


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