Nagging Stomach Cramps Because Of Constipation? Take Herbal Help

Are you experiencing acute pain when defecating? This may be because your stools are dehydrated and hard. Hard stools are very painful and difficult to pass and this condition is termed as constipation. Either the trips to the washroom increase or the time spent inside the washroom is much more than normal. The lower stomach may double up in painful cramps because of unnatural bowel movement. Severe constipation can trouble a person because of the feeling of acute chest pain, bloatedness and nausea.


The main reason for having hard stools or constipation is lack of sufficient fluid and fiber in the diet. Fiber is undigested plant food like whole wheat bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables and these add roughage and bulk to stools. All these natural products help in making the stool soft enough to pass easily through the anus. Sticking to a recommended diet pattern may lead to less fiber in diet and cause constipation.

At times people who have to take medications for different health problems may also become constipated because of the chemical composition of the medicines. Constipation is a normal side effect of these medications. Constipation and hard stools are a common complaint when the patient faces a hormonal turmoil, as this cause changes in the gut conditions. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not move about also complain of constipation. Constipation can be treated by conventional or ayurvedic methods. Baba Ramdev, uses ayurvedic knowledge to prepare medications out of medicated herbal extracts that are collected from nature. He recommends churna for constipation to improve the condition of the bowels.

The Divya churna is a herbal powder that improves the action of the digestive system and helps guide the waste material or stools outside the body easily. This herbal therapy can be taken without the fear of any side effects. The safe remedy acts on the intestines and prompts them to absorb food properly and help the other digestive organs function well. The waste elements in the body are thrown out regularly and constipation can be cured. Flatulence, nasty breath, pain in abdomen, sour eructation, flatulence, and nausea can make life for a common man very uncomfortable and these acidity symptoms can leave a person squirm in discomfort.

Lots of ayurvedic herbs are used to prepare this churna and this makes it very effective in treating chronic constipation. The totally safe and natural remedy can be administered even on small children for a prolonged period of time. Gastric ailments and digestive problems can be treated easily with the help of the natural churna. As the digestive system starts to perform better the general functioning of the body improves. This also helps digestive organs to function better because of sufficient digestive enzymes. The patient can get relief from gastric trouble because the body absorbs and assimilates the food better and then excretes out the waste perfectly. The various herbal powders that help in smoothening the performance of the digestive system are, Divya Choorna, Divya Triphala churna and Divya Udara-Kalpa Churna.


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