Saying No To Gastric Problems

Formation of excessive gas in many humans puts them to great problems apart from being let down in the company of others. Disordered stomach membrane often causes acids that secret and cause gastric problems. Decreased appetite, acidity, heart burn, indigestion and bad breath are the usual signs of such problems. People suffering from this disorder often complain of belching and abdominal bloating too. The real culprits behind this disorder are alcohol, smoking, spicy foods, inapt chewing of various eatables, bacterial infection or stress etc.

Gastric trouble remedies including the homeopathic, unaani, allopathic and traditional medicines give good results. But few of over-the-counter treatments sometimes lead to complications rather than giving any good results to the users. Many times they fall victims to side effects. It is the reason that many patients now make use of the ayurvedic remedies that do not cause any problems but provide good relief on permanent basis.


Ayurveda, the ancient old system of medicines has been prevalent since the centuries. The great Indian saints have put their best efforts to popularize this system that facilitates the most effective remedies for various diseases. Collected from the deep jungles, herbal produces and high range mountains; various organic ingredients are used in making the wonderful herbal formulations. Freedom from toxins, disease-aggravating elements and damaging foreign agents; the ayurvedic remedies not only cure the patients but also rejuvenate them. Even use of the herbal compounds including the gastric trouble remedies works wonders. The users of these medicines enjoy great relief and energy. Divya Ajmodadi Churna and Divya Triphala Churna are the two most powerful herbal compounds that relieve the gastric patients to much extent. Even and prolonged use does not cause any problem.

The cheap and easily available remedies for gastric patients include –

  • Turmeric leaves – Grind some leaves and add them into warm milk. This mixture gives good results.
  • Aloe Vera – This is another herbal remedy to say NO to the ailment.
  • Garlic – Add garlic to your daily diets, make its juice or take it by adding to salads. Adding some black pepper, coriander seeds or cumin to garlic works wonders.
  • Coconut water – Sufficient intake of this water helps to get rid of the problem in easy manners.
  • Glutamine – This is another effective remedy that checks gas.
  • Ginger – Taking it in the shape of salads, juice or adding it to vegetables helps to control gas formation.
  • Oregano Oil – Available in the shape of capsules or drops, this oil is also quite effective to reduce gas formation.
  • Herbal tea – This drink also acts as one of the strongest gastric trouble remedies. Moderate use provides excellent results.
  • Potatoes – Juice of potatoes is quite effective to control gas formation in natural manners.
  • Lemon – Its juice is also quite effective to deal with gastric problems. Lemon juice can be added to baking soda and salt for good results. Regular use in the mornings works wonders.
  • Mastic gum – Balancing of bacteria is possible with this gum that helps to treat gas formation.

Make use of the above Gastric trouble remedies and stay away from various stomach related disorders.


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