Defective Bilirubin Metabolism? It Can Lead To Jaundice

Skin and eye yellowing is cause by a medical condition called jaundice, a liver complication. This is not a disease but an indicator of an underlying medical disorder, which causes a malfunctioning in the liver. If there is excess bilirubin in the human body it gives a yellow tinge to the skin. This yellowness is because of the breaking down of RBC’s; in the natural liver function process. The yellow colored bilirubin is naturally shed out of the liver along with the red blood cells that have become old, and if these collect in the blood stream, then it starts to render a yellow look to the whole body.

Jaundice indicates that there is a problem with the pancreas, gall bladder or the red blood cells and the best way to treat it, is to increase the carbohydrate foods in the diet or take the Swami Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for jaundice prepared at the ayurvedic laboratory developed by the Yoga Guru of India.

Sarvkalp Kwath-500x500

Natural remedies prepared at Swami Ramdev’s Divya pharmacy like Divya Sarvkalp Kwath, Divya Arogayavardini Vati, Divya punarnavadi mandoor that take care of essential nutrients for liver and helps in its natural functioning. A capsule Aadiliv is also very helpful in improving liver function.

This condition is normally understood by yellow tinted eyes and skin. You may even be astonished to see orange colored or brown colored skin in people who have severe jaundice. The sight of dark colored urine and pale colored stools may leave a person scared. Jaundice may be showing as a result of viral hepatitis that has other underlying symptoms such as acute fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Yellow skin is also a result of excessive antioxidant rich diet containing foods such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

The liver becomes a storehouse of old red blood cells which descend to it for break down. When this breaking down process takes place it leaves behind bilirubin. The liver is responsible for bilirubin metabolism and removing it via the stools and some of it through urine. But when the metabolism is faulty and the RBC’s keep breaking down but travel in the body through the blood stream to different organs instead of being thrown out through stools and urine.

A damaged liver will perform sluggish functions and may not perform successfully and because of this the bilirubin does not reach the alimentary canal for removal with stools. Jaundice may be caused because of excessive alcohol, liver cancer, liver infection or scarring of liver, gall bladder stones, pancreatic cancer, hepatitis, blood disorders, liver parasites, excessive medication.

Blood tests can be used to diagnose jaundice and its causes. The bilirubin amount in the body can be calculated with a blood sample. Further testing involves liver function tests, complete blood count, biopsy of the liver, CT scans, abdominal ultrasounds, imaging studies, liver tissue studies etc. It’s imperative to treat the underlying disease that has caused the liver problem. The cause needs to be targeted and the symptoms will start to heal on their own.


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