Ease Bowel Movements; Treat Constipation With Fibre And Fluid

Lack of sufficient water and fibre in the diet, leads to a medical condition called constipation. People show a tendency to ignore the call of nature to defecate and also do not have a regular exercise routine. This leads to absorption of water, back into the body, and a hardening of stools. The hard stool cannot pass through the intestine easily and starts to stick to the intestines. The person has to apply a lot of pressure and sometimes the rectum even starts to bleed. Imagine having stool stuck inside the body for hours or days?

Young beautiful woman is having stomach ache.

The toxic gases from the waste stuck inside the body start to rise to the surface and cause skin conditions like acne and discolorations. Constipation is a common problem with people who use laxatives to stimulate their bowel activity. If laxatives are taken over a prolonged period of time, the intestines lose the possibility of self – movement and stops functioning. The stool defecation is also affected by consuming too much dairy products. Meat, eggs, cheese and other high-fat dairy foods can affect digestion by making it slow and sluggish. Mix some fibre foods like green leafy vegetables and other fibre rich foods to add roughage to the diet.

Strong medications like anti-depressants or painkillers etc can cause the stool defecation to become difficult. Aluminium and calcium based antacids are used to fight heartburn but these can lead to constipation. To stay away from heart burn, best is to treat the overeating and overstuffing habit. Lots of fibre and less fatty foods will help in better digestion and will also control heart burn.

Constipation may also be an indicator of autoimmune conditions like ulcerative colitis or the inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease. People often complain of constipation when they are suffering from hormonal upheavals like hypothyroidism. The gut and the metabolic process of the body are all affected by irregular working of the thyroid gland.

Women who are pregnant or who have given birth to babies also complain of sluggish abdominal muscles that cause constipation. The acute pain during the process of delivery also restricts the person’s defecation movements.

You may be stunned but the rich brown colour chocolate that tastes yummy, chocolate, can lead to constipation in some people. Vitamins containing iron and calcium can make bowel movement difficult. The patient suffering from this stomach disorder may also complain of severe stomach cramps. The dehydrated stools lead to pain and the person ends up spending hours in the bathroom. The pain may also extend to the chest and cause nausea and bloatedness.

Constipation is also caused by undigested food products and heavy whole wheat products. Constipation can be treated by cereals, wheat bread, vegetables and fruits. It’s time to stick to a regular dietary pattern and introduce exercise into the daily routine. The roughage and fiber can be increased so that the person is able to defecate easily.

Untreated constipation can cause bleeding from the anus so drink loads of water to lubricate the passage and aid easy slipping out of stools. You can also try out Ramdev medicine for constipation that includes Divya churna , Divya Choorna, Divya Udara-Kalpa Churna and Divya Triphala churna to improve constipation.


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