Get The Therapeutic Touch To Treat Cervical Spondylitis And Back Pain

It may be uncommon but back pain and cervical spondylitis needs attention right away or else the condition may worsen and lead to disability. It’s an experienced person’s eye or the physician’s magical therapeutic touch that can help people live a better and more fruitful life, besides the pain and stiffness in the neck and the back.

Trayodashang Guggulu-500x500

When should a person head to a doctor? Symptoms like pain or acute stiffness in the neck or back region when one wakes in the morning can leave one crippled and debilitated in pain in acute cases, show yourself to a specialist to feel better. You should not lead a life shrouded in pain and discomfort you need to get rid of the symptoms caused by the cervical spondylosis and back pain. You may not be able to get cured from the condition because this state is a result of increasing age.

The spine and its vertebrae start to degenerate and cannot be re-corrected. Preventive and maintenance measures can help one lead a comfortable life. The tingling, numbness, pain and discomfort in the neck region are because of a nerve pinched by the wrongly placed vertebra. There is a lack of proper blood supply to the area and this causes the cervical symptoms. There is no cure for spondylitis though you can treat the symptoms with helpful treatments like:

1) Good posture: A wrong posture leads to a pressure on the nerve. Bending in the wrong way and a misalignment of the spine leads to an increased pain the back and the neck region. The spinal column misalignment leads to pressure on the nerves and this leads to a disturbance in the message passed to the limbs for movement. The pain can become more and more severe if the nerve is pinched excessively.

2) Cold and hot treatments: Applying hot or cold packs to the area can help reduce joint soreness and joint inflammation. This is the reason why many specialists advice having a hot shower. Whether a cold or hot pack is to be used will be the discretion of the physician. Cold treatments also lessen the swelling.

3) Chiropractors can also help the patient by appropriate postural positions and spinal manipulations. This treatment can improve joint function and help keep the pain levels down.

4) A physical therapist can also help keep the pain levels of cervical neck and back pain down by prescribing pain relieving and muscle strengthening exercises for the neck and back. The flexibility and posture is improved by these exercises.

5) Ayurvedic treatments that are safe and effective like Ramdev medicine for Cervical Spondylitis And back Pain have been known to bring about immense amount of improvement in the condition of the people suffering from neck and back related issues. These therapies are based on natural and herbal extracts and are said to be free of side effects and are a common choice for people today. These therapies like Divya Ekangaveer Rasa, Divya Pravala Pisti,  Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras,  Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm, Divya Trayodashang Guggulu, Divya Chanderprabha vati,  help in increase the blood supply and nutrients to the affected area and keeps the person healthy with high immune levels.


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