Disturbed By White Spots On Body? It May Be Leucoderma

The onset of vitiligo or Leucoderma or white patches on a person’s body creates a lot of embarrassment and panic in the mind of the patient and the people who deal with him or her. Leucoderma is not at all like leprosy and other contagious and infectious diseases; it does not spread from one person to the other, so you need not jump every time you come in contact with a person with Leucoderma white patches.

The white and dark contrast becomes very evident in people with dark skins and vitiligo is a medical condition that is spread globally. Earlier about 2-5% of people in India were affected by Leucoderma, but the number of people developing the white patches are increasing in number day by day, and this is a source of alarm for the medical fraternity.

Young woman is scratching herself on arm. Isolated on white.

You can take Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicine For Leucoderma, if your doctor has warned you of Leucoderma patches. Divya kayakalp vati , Gilloy sattva, Divya amrta, Gulvel sattva are often prescribed by Baba Ramdev for Leucoderma and this helps in maintain the natural coloring and glow of the person. The body’s immune system becomes stronger and the body maintains proper quantity of melanin. Other affective ayurvedic remedies from the Divya pharmacy are Divya sudha bavaci churna, Divya svitraghna lepa that provide the skin with nutrients and boost the immunity of the body.

Leucoderma is a source of stress and mental pressure for the patient even though it is harmless. The social stigma can leave the person shying away from public. There are various causes for vitiligo or Leucoderma and some of them are usage of harsh antibiotics, chemically treated vegetables, stress and use of steroids.

The immune system of the body starts to fail and the melanin tissues and cells start getting destroyed on their own. This leads to de-pigmentation and the skin breaks out into white patches or white spots. UV light treatments and immuno-modulators are often used as conventional modes of treatment for Leucoderma, but these treatments rarely have positive results. Vitiligo ayurvedic specialists at Baba Ramdev’s pharmacies can be of great help in this case, as they are adept in the management of this medical complication.

Vitamin C may be good for the immunity of the body and it reduces pigmentation rate. In Leucoderma it is essential to enhance the rate of pigmentation and this is the reason why a person suffering from Leucoderma should stay away from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. For the same reason the patient should stay away from fish and animal protein and other fermented foods like yogurt.

Soda drinks that are loaded with soda-bi-carbonate are also harmful in leucoderma. Alcohol aggravates vitiligo and it should be avoided at all times. Junk food hampers immunity and thus it should not be a regular part of the diet. Taking a swim in carbonated water and being exposed to rapid changes in environmental temperatures can also be detrimental in this condition.


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