Pain Travelling Down Back Of Leg? Check Out Sciatica Symptoms

Any kind of manipulation or irritation to the sciatic nerve can cause nerve pain called sciatica. The pain caused in the sciatic nerve travels from low back to the hip to the back of the thigh, and travels down backwards from the knee. The sciatica nerve pain severity, and the cause of the pain, will decide the kind of treatment to be prescribed.


The lower extremities can be in great agony because of the irritation caused to the sciatica nerve, as it is the longest nerve in the body. If any one of the discs in the lumbar region puts pressure on the sciatica nerve, or if this happens because if an abnormal intervertebral disc, it leads to an inflammation, irritation and pain related symptoms in the lower half of body. The nerve may be pinched because of nearby muscle, bone, lumbar spine infections, injuries, tumours or other reasons. During pregnancy people often complain of this pain because the awkward posture starts applying pressure and a pinch on the sciatica nerve.

A lumbar spine trauma, degenerative arthritis, slipped disc, lumbar disc disease all can be risky and apply a pressure on the sciatica nerve. As a result of this the patient starts to feel agony on movement of the extremities, burning, tingling or numbness sensation that radiates from the lower back and travels downwards to the back of the legs.

Have you noticed that sometimes the movement is jammed because of a shooting pain that travels down the back of the leg, beginning at the centre of the buttock? The common symptoms noted because of the sciatica nerve agitation are buttock pain, lumbar pain, leg pain and hip pain.

In acute conditions of sciatica, people find it tough to even walk and move about sometimes. Lying down flat on the bed may provide some relief whereas bending down and walking, may lead to an aggravation of symptoms. Partial pain relief can be observed if the position is changed. This happens because the pressure on the nerve is temporarily relieved.

A complete physical examination and a detailed medical history will tell the physician about your condition. The orthopaedic doctor will ask the patient questions regarding the pain and will move the body about to check on the flexibility. The health-care professional may also advice tests like x-rays, CT scans, electromyogram, and MRI to determine the reasons for sciatica.

Physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and psychologists and other health care professionals can help in treating the low back pain and sciatica nerve agony. Acute sciatica may need a total bed rest for a while, about two weeks till the agitated nerve settles down.

The spinal vertebras have natural cushioning and gently rub against each other, but if their alignment changes the nerve gets compressed and this can feel much better with natural healing methods like Ramdev medicine For Sciatica. Baba Ramdev advises natural ayurvedic remedies like Divya Trayodashang Guggulu, Divya Pravala, Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras, Divya Chanderprabha vati, Divya Pidantaka rasa, and Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm.


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