Overweight And Obese? Control Your Tastes And Palate

The body mass index is an indicator that is used to classify obesity or overweight in people. It’s the BMI that decides whether the person is obese and his or her weight is on the higher side as compared to the normal population. This is not the only tool and there are other measures also that are used by the health care workers to confirm obesity in a person.


Masses of cellulite layers and constant deposits of calories on the body look ugly, and are a part of an obese person’s life. Obesity leads to excessive eating and a lack of physical activity. The person may try hard but it is not an easy job to burn off the calories. Obesity may have a genetic disposition and this may lead to extra stores of fats in the body and a major increase in the appetite. Hormonal imbalance, faulty diet and sedentary lifestyle, may also be the reason for obesity and for this the person needs to have medical help to lose weight. Ayurvedic treatments like Ramdev’s medicine for obesity, are very effective for obese people.

Increase in urbanization and change in transportation methods, has left many people overweight. Many obesity struck people have reported that they have benefitted from natural treatments immensely. Herbal remedies like Divya Medhohar Vati and Divya Peya herbal tea are nutritious and help in reducing weight. The patient can benefit even more if yoga and meditation are included in the treatment procedure.

Besides this there are other conventional treatments that can be taken to control the increasing weight. You can also do your bit by lowering sugars, salts and fatty foods from your diet. These foods do not have any nutritive value but are tasty for the palate. The patient has a tendency to eat these fat rich foods because they are tasty and sumptuous, but these need to be removed from the diet.

Obesity is very harmful for health and can lead to many heart diseases. Obese people can have a congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, and angina or chest pain because of their high triglyceride levels.

There are increased chances of a stroke in people who are obese. A stroke mostly occurs in people who are suffering from atherosclerosis. In this condition, the arteries of the patient become very thin and the arteries develop blood clots. Obesity needs to be controlled and a weight loss programme needs to be chalked out so that you are not at a risk of a stroke.

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of these times and obesity increases the risk of prostate, colon, kidney, gall bladder, endometrial, liver, breast and postmenopausal cancers. Other risks include gall stones, gall bladder diseases and complications in the reproductive system. Arthritis, joint pain, depression and other symptoms are also a part and package of an obese person. Obesity also increases the chances of diabetes and this is detrimental both for the heart and the kidney health.


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