Patanjali Products And Their Unique Features

We all need various items for our use. Let it be anything, we depend upon the local markets and worldwide network of different stores that fulfill our needs. Thousands of manufacturers and traders are there that sell their products for use of the people. Few of the dishonest business houses supply substandard or harmful products with a view to make huge profits. That’s not businesslike.

It is Ramdev Patanjali Products that are much popular these days. Good manufacturing practices, adherence of ayurvedic principles and strict safety checks exercised at different levels ensure total piousness of these products that are in great demand throughout the world.

Ingredients of Patanjali Products – Swami Ramdev who has dedicated himself for the welfare of the masses ensures that only organic ingredients are added for making all Patanjali products. No harmful chemicals or health–damaging components are added to the products that are facilitated by Swami Ramdev.

Preparation method – Ayurvedic principles are followed in strict manners for ensuring purity of Ramdev Patanjali Products. Good manufacturing practices are also adhered to for producing these products that undergo strict safety checks too before they reach the end users. They are at zero risk while few of the traditional products may cause complications and adverse effects.
Following are few of Ramdev Patanjali Products:

Tejus Beauty Cream
Tejus Body Lotion
Ujjwal Detergent Powder
Sada Chyawanprash
Swasari Pravahi
Soap – Kanti Aloe Vera
Soap – Kanti Neem
Soap – Kanti Panchgvya
Soap – Ojas Aquafresh
Soap – Ojas Mint Tulsi
Soap – Ojas Mogra
Soap – Ojas Multani Mitti
Soap – Somya Haldi Chandan
Patanjali Spice – Black Pepper (sabut)
Patanjali Spice – Coriander Powder
Patanjali Spice – Garam Masala
Patanjali Spice – Sabzi Masala
Mixed Fruit Jam
Patanjali Balm
Patanjali Balm
Pure Honey
Patanjali Namak
Patanjali Basen
Patanjali Spice – Cumin Seeds
Patanjali Spice – Fenugreek Seeds
Patanjali Spice – Turmeric Powder
Patanjali Spice – Black Pepper Powder
Patanjali Spice – Black Pepper (sabut)
Patanjali Spice – Coriander Powder
Patanjali Spice – Garam Masala
Patanjali Spice – Sabzi Masala
Peedantak Taila,
Patanjali Tooth Brush, Patanjali Tooth Brush(soft)
Patanjali Herbal Shuddhi (phinyle)
Patanjali Amla Pickle
Harad Murraba
Herbal Mehandi
Herbal Ubtan
Herbal Hand Wash
Dant Kanti Toothpaste, Dant Manjan,
Detergent Cake
Divya Peya
Gulab Jal
Gramodyog Soap

Badam Rogan Oil
Badam Pak
Bel Candy
Bel Murraba
Cap. – Shilajit
Crack Heel Cream
Agarbatti – White Flower and
Agarbatti – Yajna Sugandham
Agarbatti – Alacsnanda, Agarbatti – Amber, Agarbatti – Jasmine,
Agarbatti – Konark, Agarbatti – Lavender, Agarbatti – Meditation,
Agarbatti – Oudh, Agarbatti – Rose, Agarbatti – Sandal, Agarbatti – Utsav, Agarbatti – Vangandha.
Aarogya Apple Juice, Aarogya Mustard Oil, Aarogya Atta and Aarogya Dalia
Amla Candy
Amla Chatpata
Amla Murraba
Amrit Rasayan
Apple Murraba
Aloe Vera Juice (fiber), Aloe Vera Juice (plain) and Aloe Vera Juice (orange)
Aloe Vera Gel
Amla Juice

Why Ramdev Products are so popular – Prepared from herbal components, these products are pure in all respects. Those making their use are greatly benefited. No adverse effects are reported with their even use. The users are at zero risk. Ease of availability and genuine prices are the additional benefits of these products. Demand, supply and popularity of such products is on continuous rise.


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