Pain Travelling Down Back Of Leg? Check Out Sciatica Symptoms

Any kind of manipulation or irritation to the sciatic nerve can cause nerve pain called sciatica. The pain caused in the sciatic nerve travels from low back to the hip to the back of the thigh, and travels down backwards from the knee. The sciatica nerve pain severity, and the cause of the pain, will decide the kind of treatment to be prescribed.


The lower extremities can be in great agony because of the irritation caused to the sciatica nerve, as it is the longest nerve in the body. If any one of the discs in the lumbar region puts pressure on the sciatica nerve, or if this happens because if an abnormal intervertebral disc, it leads to an inflammation, irritation and pain related symptoms in the lower half of body. The nerve may be pinched because of nearby muscle, bone, lumbar spine infections, injuries, tumours or other reasons. During pregnancy people often complain of this pain because the awkward posture starts applying pressure and a pinch on the sciatica nerve.

A lumbar spine trauma, degenerative arthritis, slipped disc, lumbar disc disease all can be risky and apply a pressure on the sciatica nerve. As a result of this the patient starts to feel agony on movement of the extremities, burning, tingling or numbness sensation that radiates from the lower back and travels downwards to the back of the legs.

Have you noticed that sometimes the movement is jammed because of a shooting pain that travels down the back of the leg, beginning at the centre of the buttock? The common symptoms noted because of the sciatica nerve agitation are buttock pain, lumbar pain, leg pain and hip pain.

In acute conditions of sciatica, people find it tough to even walk and move about sometimes. Lying down flat on the bed may provide some relief whereas bending down and walking, may lead to an aggravation of symptoms. Partial pain relief can be observed if the position is changed. This happens because the pressure on the nerve is temporarily relieved.

A complete physical examination and a detailed medical history will tell the physician about your condition. The orthopaedic doctor will ask the patient questions regarding the pain and will move the body about to check on the flexibility. The health-care professional may also advice tests like x-rays, CT scans, electromyogram, and MRI to determine the reasons for sciatica.

Physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and psychologists and other health care professionals can help in treating the low back pain and sciatica nerve agony. Acute sciatica may need a total bed rest for a while, about two weeks till the agitated nerve settles down.

The spinal vertebras have natural cushioning and gently rub against each other, but if their alignment changes the nerve gets compressed and this can feel much better with natural healing methods like Ramdev medicine For Sciatica. Baba Ramdev advises natural ayurvedic remedies like Divya Trayodashang Guggulu, Divya Pravala, Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras, Divya Chanderprabha vati, Divya Pidantaka rasa, and Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm.

Disturbed By White Spots On Body? It May Be Leucoderma

The onset of vitiligo or Leucoderma or white patches on a person’s body creates a lot of embarrassment and panic in the mind of the patient and the people who deal with him or her. Leucoderma is not at all like leprosy and other contagious and infectious diseases; it does not spread from one person to the other, so you need not jump every time you come in contact with a person with Leucoderma white patches.

The white and dark contrast becomes very evident in people with dark skins and vitiligo is a medical condition that is spread globally. Earlier about 2-5% of people in India were affected by Leucoderma, but the number of people developing the white patches are increasing in number day by day, and this is a source of alarm for the medical fraternity.

Young woman is scratching herself on arm. Isolated on white.

You can take Baba Ramdev ayurvedic medicine For Leucoderma, if your doctor has warned you of Leucoderma patches. Divya kayakalp vati , Gilloy sattva, Divya amrta, Gulvel sattva are often prescribed by Baba Ramdev for Leucoderma and this helps in maintain the natural coloring and glow of the person. The body’s immune system becomes stronger and the body maintains proper quantity of melanin. Other affective ayurvedic remedies from the Divya pharmacy are Divya sudha bavaci churna, Divya svitraghna lepa that provide the skin with nutrients and boost the immunity of the body.

Leucoderma is a source of stress and mental pressure for the patient even though it is harmless. The social stigma can leave the person shying away from public. There are various causes for vitiligo or Leucoderma and some of them are usage of harsh antibiotics, chemically treated vegetables, stress and use of steroids.

The immune system of the body starts to fail and the melanin tissues and cells start getting destroyed on their own. This leads to de-pigmentation and the skin breaks out into white patches or white spots. UV light treatments and immuno-modulators are often used as conventional modes of treatment for Leucoderma, but these treatments rarely have positive results. Vitiligo ayurvedic specialists at Baba Ramdev’s pharmacies can be of great help in this case, as they are adept in the management of this medical complication.

Vitamin C may be good for the immunity of the body and it reduces pigmentation rate. In Leucoderma it is essential to enhance the rate of pigmentation and this is the reason why a person suffering from Leucoderma should stay away from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. For the same reason the patient should stay away from fish and animal protein and other fermented foods like yogurt.

Soda drinks that are loaded with soda-bi-carbonate are also harmful in leucoderma. Alcohol aggravates vitiligo and it should be avoided at all times. Junk food hampers immunity and thus it should not be a regular part of the diet. Taking a swim in carbonated water and being exposed to rapid changes in environmental temperatures can also be detrimental in this condition.

Lonely, Sad And Depressive Thoughts! Get Depression Treated Now

Depression is a neglected medical condition that many people refuse to recognize and commit to. It is also considered as a social stigma and people do not want to admit that they are emotionally and mentally traumatized. The world is a battle field of competition and aggression, and people struggle to manage professional and inter-personal relationships without letting their confidence and self-esteem levels fall down. But sometimes they start getting bogged down by these matters and start to slide downwards mentally, succumbing to a mental condition called depression.

young female having fun on flowery meadow

Depressed people often resort to staying away from public and they hide away from society, embracing loneliness and sadness. This solitude takes away their normal living, and the people are unable to build an interest in daily chores and everyday tasks. People feel sad and low and prefer to closet themselves in dark and dingy areas, far away from the public eye.

Slowly the physical and mental conditions of the person start getting compromised. There is no laughter and enjoyment in the lives of the depressed person and irrationality and irritability takes over. The person keeps feeling lethargic and tired all the while, and thoughts start becoming a mind killer. Stress starts to usurp family and official responsibilities, and the person starts to lose sleep.

Ramdev medicine for depression can be taken if the person wants to treat depression without any fear of side effects. Herbal medications like Divya Ashwagandha capsule and Divya Medha Vati can help alleviate depression symptoms. Many people ignore their symptoms and never get treatment for it. There are other treatments also that can help a person feel better.

Depression isolates a person and thoughts of harming oneself and suicide also take over normal sensibilities. There are professional trained people who can offer mental and emotional support to people. They slowly introduce a support group for the depressed person and participating with other similar people makes a person learn coping skills and combat sadness and loneliness in life. Remember there are plenty of people who are suffering from the same problem and there is a way out of these depressive feelings. You just have to decide to treat yourself.

Psychotherapy, medications like antidepressants, talk therapy, cognitive therapy etc can also be of great help along with Baba Ramdev medicine for depression. It may take time because the treatment is slow but the ayurvedic medications provide nourishment to the brain cells making the depressed person develop a shaper memory and a stronger concentration. Anti depressants may take almost 6 weeks to show their affect but the ayurvedic medications are quicker in their action and people can take them without any detrimental side effect of the drug.

Talking about the problem can act as an outlet of the condition, and this definitely helps a person release pent-up emotions. There are consultants who can help the patient analyze how their actions contribute to depression. Lack of sufficient positive energy and positive thoughts can be the main reason for depression.

Get Gout Joint Inflammation Tested! Take Natural Remedies

When uric acid is deposited in the soft tissues or joints, as needle like crystals, it is called gout. Gout is an extremely painful condition. The uric acid crystals, which are a body waste product, lead to inflammatory arthritis in the joints. The tender areas leave a person in agony because of redness, joint stiffness, swelling, pain and heat.

Many people complain of gout in their big toe, but slowly the other joints and surrounding areas also start to be affected. The patient often complains of discomfort and inflammation in ankles, knees, elbows, heels, insteps, and fingers. The skin around the joints contains tophi or chalky uric acid deposits, and these crystals also start accumulating in the kidneys as kidney stones.

Baba Ramdev medicines for uric acid treatment

Gout pain can take a person unawares and starts in middle of night. The joints start to ache intensely and the area shows up as inflamed and red. Including the big toe, the patient also complains of swelling in wrists, elbows, fingers, ankles and knees. Sometimes elevated uric acid levels stay in the body, without causing any symptoms. The damage at this time is not grave, though the crystals of uric acid are slowly depositing in the tissues. This is the time to make the efforts and control the uric acid levels in the body.

The urate crystals can deposit and start causing a severe pain and inflammation in the body and this stage is termed as “flare”. The flare up can reduce in about 3-10 days. Gout can get aggravated in cold weather, stressful events and alcohol consumption. The flares may stay dormant in the body for years but if left untreated the symptoms can persist for a long time. The urate crystals keep on depositing in the tissues.

In worse cases the kidneys and the joints get permanently damaged and the person develops huge urate crystals or tophi. The patient can suffer from chronic arthritis at this stage. Timely treatment may save the person from reaching this condition.

Gout has common symptoms with other medical disorders as well so it is important to go to an experienced physician to get the condition diagnosed. The doctors carry out a diagnostic test called the “joint fluid test”. The expert medical specialist extracts the fluid present inside the painful joint and this is tested for urate crystals. The test needs to be performed very carefully as bacterial joint infections have the same symptoms. This test can also help rule out bacterial infection in the joint.

Blood tests also help measure uric acid levels in the blood though many people with high levels of uric acid do not develop gout. On the other hand there are many people who show gout symptoms without high uric acid levels. There is another condition called pseudogout that has conditions similar to gout.

Gout can be treated effectively with conventional allopathic medications or ayurvedic remedies such as Ramdev ayurvedic medication for Gout. This includes medicinal herbal extracts like Divya Peedantak Kwath, Divya yograj guggulu, Divya Giloy Sat, Divya Chandraprabha Vati etc, and these in turn nourish the joints and keep uric acid levels normal.

Get The Therapeutic Touch To Treat Cervical Spondylitis And Back Pain

It may be uncommon but back pain and cervical spondylitis needs attention right away or else the condition may worsen and lead to disability. It’s an experienced person’s eye or the physician’s magical therapeutic touch that can help people live a better and more fruitful life, besides the pain and stiffness in the neck and the back.

Trayodashang Guggulu-500x500

When should a person head to a doctor? Symptoms like pain or acute stiffness in the neck or back region when one wakes in the morning can leave one crippled and debilitated in pain in acute cases, show yourself to a specialist to feel better. You should not lead a life shrouded in pain and discomfort you need to get rid of the symptoms caused by the cervical spondylosis and back pain. You may not be able to get cured from the condition because this state is a result of increasing age.

The spine and its vertebrae start to degenerate and cannot be re-corrected. Preventive and maintenance measures can help one lead a comfortable life. The tingling, numbness, pain and discomfort in the neck region are because of a nerve pinched by the wrongly placed vertebra. There is a lack of proper blood supply to the area and this causes the cervical symptoms. There is no cure for spondylitis though you can treat the symptoms with helpful treatments like:

1) Good posture: A wrong posture leads to a pressure on the nerve. Bending in the wrong way and a misalignment of the spine leads to an increased pain the back and the neck region. The spinal column misalignment leads to pressure on the nerves and this leads to a disturbance in the message passed to the limbs for movement. The pain can become more and more severe if the nerve is pinched excessively.

2) Cold and hot treatments: Applying hot or cold packs to the area can help reduce joint soreness and joint inflammation. This is the reason why many specialists advice having a hot shower. Whether a cold or hot pack is to be used will be the discretion of the physician. Cold treatments also lessen the swelling.

3) Chiropractors can also help the patient by appropriate postural positions and spinal manipulations. This treatment can improve joint function and help keep the pain levels down.

4) A physical therapist can also help keep the pain levels of cervical neck and back pain down by prescribing pain relieving and muscle strengthening exercises for the neck and back. The flexibility and posture is improved by these exercises.

5) Ayurvedic treatments that are safe and effective like Ramdev medicine for Cervical Spondylitis And back Pain have been known to bring about immense amount of improvement in the condition of the people suffering from neck and back related issues. These therapies are based on natural and herbal extracts and are said to be free of side effects and are a common choice for people today. These therapies like Divya Ekangaveer Rasa, Divya Pravala Pisti,  Divya Brihad vat Chintamani Ras,  Divya Swarna Maksika bhasm, Divya Trayodashang Guggulu, Divya Chanderprabha vati,  help in increase the blood supply and nutrients to the affected area and keeps the person healthy with high immune levels.

Ease Bowel Movements; Treat Constipation With Fibre And Fluid

Lack of sufficient water and fibre in the diet, leads to a medical condition called constipation. People show a tendency to ignore the call of nature to defecate and also do not have a regular exercise routine. This leads to absorption of water, back into the body, and a hardening of stools. The hard stool cannot pass through the intestine easily and starts to stick to the intestines. The person has to apply a lot of pressure and sometimes the rectum even starts to bleed. Imagine having stool stuck inside the body for hours or days?

Young beautiful woman is having stomach ache.

The toxic gases from the waste stuck inside the body start to rise to the surface and cause skin conditions like acne and discolorations. Constipation is a common problem with people who use laxatives to stimulate their bowel activity. If laxatives are taken over a prolonged period of time, the intestines lose the possibility of self – movement and stops functioning. The stool defecation is also affected by consuming too much dairy products. Meat, eggs, cheese and other high-fat dairy foods can affect digestion by making it slow and sluggish. Mix some fibre foods like green leafy vegetables and other fibre rich foods to add roughage to the diet.

Strong medications like anti-depressants or painkillers etc can cause the stool defecation to become difficult. Aluminium and calcium based antacids are used to fight heartburn but these can lead to constipation. To stay away from heart burn, best is to treat the overeating and overstuffing habit. Lots of fibre and less fatty foods will help in better digestion and will also control heart burn.

Constipation may also be an indicator of autoimmune conditions like ulcerative colitis or the inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease. People often complain of constipation when they are suffering from hormonal upheavals like hypothyroidism. The gut and the metabolic process of the body are all affected by irregular working of the thyroid gland.

Women who are pregnant or who have given birth to babies also complain of sluggish abdominal muscles that cause constipation. The acute pain during the process of delivery also restricts the person’s defecation movements.

You may be stunned but the rich brown colour chocolate that tastes yummy, chocolate, can lead to constipation in some people. Vitamins containing iron and calcium can make bowel movement difficult. The patient suffering from this stomach disorder may also complain of severe stomach cramps. The dehydrated stools lead to pain and the person ends up spending hours in the bathroom. The pain may also extend to the chest and cause nausea and bloatedness.

Constipation is also caused by undigested food products and heavy whole wheat products. Constipation can be treated by cereals, wheat bread, vegetables and fruits. It’s time to stick to a regular dietary pattern and introduce exercise into the daily routine. The roughage and fiber can be increased so that the person is able to defecate easily.

Untreated constipation can cause bleeding from the anus so drink loads of water to lubricate the passage and aid easy slipping out of stools. You can also try out Ramdev medicine for constipation that includes Divya churna , Divya Choorna, Divya Udara-Kalpa Churna and Divya Triphala churna to improve constipation.

Manage Diabetes With Diet And Exercise

Diabetes, the glucose disorder is known to reduce the life span of people and that is why it is imperative to keep the rising blood sugar levels under control. The sugar produced in the body is naturally taken up by the cells to provide energy for organ functioning. If this blood sugar is not used up by the cells, and it starts to collect in the blood stream it leads to a condition called Diabetes.

Many diabetic cases are left undiagnosed because this condition stays silently in the body without any evident symptom. Its only when the person gets a total haemogram done at the laboratory, that the diabetic status is revealed. But now things have changed, and people are aware that letting the blood sugar in the blood rise incessantly may lead to major cardiovascular problems, kidney trouble and nerve complications. This wasting and loss of organs are irreversible and cannot be corrected. The only way to take care is to control the sugar levels by supplementing artificial insulin in the body, and by controlling the amount of sugar and calories added to the diet.


Overweight people need to be especially careful as this causes lot of health complications and also leads to diabetes. The treatment regimes for diabetics have improved amazingly in the last few years. Diabetes that runs down generations and in certain races can now breathe a sigh of relief that there is maintenance treatment available for people with high sugar levels. Don’t let your lifestyle kick diabetes into you, you can certainly avoid it, just be careful, eat healthy and live happily.

You can leave the junk food and the sugar filled fizzy colas alone as they are very harmful for the body. You need to be serious about the lurking metabolic disorder called diabetes, as it can hamper your complete life and can never get cured. You can control your sugar levels but it takes effort, diet control, proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle!

Health services can educate a person in detail about this and we can keep the diabetes incidents under control. Pre-diabetes cases can be evaluated on time and they can be explained the correct way to come under the safe category.

A diabetic may have no option but to take insulin but it is better to keep the blood sugar under control with diet and exercise. You may be able to reverse the condition of Type 2 diabetes with the help of exercise and a controlled pattern of eating. You need to stay healthy so go ahead and work those calories out or take the effective but chemical free Ramdev medicine for diabetes. Ayurvedic remedies like Divya Madhunashini Vati and Divya Silajit Vati have shown a lot of positive results in controlling diabetes and rising blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can get complicated and cause blindness also. It is said to be dangerous for heart health, kidneys, high blood pressure, infections, and wounds. It can also cause strokes or diabetic coma or amputation. You can live a productive and healthy life by preventing the situation from getting worse.