Cure Asthma Problem With Patanjali Natural Medicine

The lungs have bronchial tubes that can sometimes develop mucus because of an allergic reaction to an allergen. The airways or bronchioles permit the air to pass through but when they are blocked by the sticky mucus, inhalation becomes a very difficult process. The air goes in with a wheeze and the lungs have to labor to suck in air for the life processes to go on. The exhalation also comes out in the sound of a barking dog.


The movement of air inside the airways of the lungs gets very restricted and this can make life very tough. Soon the lungs cannot cope up with the effort of inhalation and the oxygen needed by the body is in insufficient amounts and this causes the person to face a life threatening condition.

An asthmatic person feels this scare of death every time he or she undergoes the scary asthmatic attack. The attack can be a result of a response to an allergen or the environmental change. Asthma is chronic and an autoimmune condition that occurs because the body has a low immunity. An infection by different microorganisms, cause the mucus to start developing and get affected by the microbes attack. The airways are surrounded by muscles that start to tighten and shrink when they face an allergen.

The bronchioles start to collect mucus and the breathing becomes difficult and labored. The patient complains of incessant and nagging coughing bouts, chest tightness and wheezing. The cough sound is like a dog barking and the inhalation is characteristic because of a whistle like sound. The hole of the airway keeps reducing because of the mucus deposits and this leads to a resounding wheeze.

Symptoms of asthma can aggravate because of physical exertions. Have you noticed that your breath comes in short gasps because of an aggressive physical workout? Imagine what must be happening when the air taken in is much less than normal? But this does not mean that the person stops moving, regular exercise is imperative as it will help the lungs expand and the asthma under control. Asthma has to be managed and the patient needs to be kept away from exposure to allergens that can trigger off an asthma attack.

Preventive medicines and symptomatic control is the only way for an asthmatic person to stay healthy and perform normal activities.

Inhaling smoky gases, pollution, dust mites, fumes, and other harmful substances can also intensify asthma. Timely treatment with the help of Patanjali natural medicine for asthma can help bring about lots of improvement. These Remedies include Divya Swasari Ras, Divya Sitopladi churna, Divya Abhrak Bhasm , Divya Praval Pisti , Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras and Divya Sanjivini vati help in treating asthma and keeping mucus production down.

Baba Ramdev offers Asthma treatments like Divya Swasari Ras,that control mucus build up and also reduces the inflammation in the lungs. Repeated asthma attacks are controlled by Divya Sitopladi churna and this naturally helps the bodily tiredness and exhaustion to be treated. Cough and wheezing reduce and the immune system becomes better.

Other herbal combinations like Divya Abhrak Bhasm, Divya Trikatu Churna, Divya Praval Pisti, Divya Lakshmi Vilasa Ras and Divya Sanjivini vati are also very helpful in controlling asthma like conditions.


Faulty Genes And Faulty Diet Main Reason For Diabetes

Research has shown that with the present way of living the number of diabetic cases are increasing and the risk of developing the metabolic disorder is increasing day by day. This may be a result of poor diet, faulty genes, race the person belongs to, or lack of sufficient exercise. You may be astonished that besides diabetes being a life threatening disease that damages the vital organs of the body, the life span of the diabetics has increased further.


There has been a rapid rise in the cases suffering from diabetes in the years 1985-2011. This judgement was based on the mortality data collected by the researchers and also included the three different types of diabetes patients. The sample included patients suffering from Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes.

When the blood shows levels of glucose, that are higher than normal ranges, it is called diabetes, the blood sugar disorder. Normally, the sugar assimilated from the diet is ingested and it is taken to the cells of the body by the blood, where it is utilised for energy. When the sugar levels are high and unable to enter the cell, the glucose molecules lie freely in the blood stream. The cells that carry out their normal functioning with the help of the energy from glucose are deprived of it, and start to function in an improper manner. Soon the person starts getting exhausted because of lack of sufficient performance of the different cells in body.

This exposes the person to dangerous diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney failure, blindness, amputation of extremities, cardiovascular disorders, and gangrene. Diabetics need treatment from a physician on a regular basis and need to get their sugar levels tested at home or at the laboratory. The cholesterol and blood pressure levels also need to be kept under control. Make a few compulsory lifestyle changes, and you need to give up that nasty habit of smoking and alcohol consumption at the earliest.

But the question arises as to why the body cannot use the freely available sugar in the blood for energy production? When the blood sugar rises because of glucose imbalance in body, it is because there is not enough insulin hormone in the body to balance the sugar. Insulin is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas and is normally produced in the body in sufficient quantities to balance glucose, but when there is some disparity and insulin is not there in appropriate amounts, then the blood sugar may fall or rise erratically. This rise and fall is very dangerous.

There is a great risk of diabetes for people who are obese or heavy weight. Diabetes may be gestational or it may be genetically transferred from one generation to the other. Exercise regularly to burn the energy and monitor blood sugar levels at all times. Ramdev diabetes cure that includes Divya Madhunashini vati and Divya Silajit Vati are very helpful in keeping sugar levels under control and production of insulin.

Rapid Skin Cell Build Up? It May Be Psoriasis

Rapid build-up of cells of the skin is called psoriasis. This collection of skin cells lead to scaling on the surface and the area normally seems to be red and inflamed. The scales of the autoimmune disorder psoriasis are silvery white in colour and may be surrounded by thick red colored patches. These patches can be extremely dry and may also bleed and crack. The best way to reduce the dryness is to lather the affected area with moisturizer at all times.


The skin cells rapidly start multiplying in psoriasis. Normally the skin cells start to grow deep within the skin surface and then they start to rise upwards and when their life cycle is complete the skin cells on the surface start to fall off. The skin cells live for a month and then they are shed off to complete their life cycle. The life cycle of skin cells of people suffering from psoriasis is just for a few days. The skin cells in this way do not fall off and the new layer of skin cells builds up. There is an overproduction of skin cells on the surface and the skin texture becomes hard and bumpy.

The cells accumulate and the skin gets a silvery white flaky texture along with red patches. Psoriasis can be a source of great embarrassment for many because whoever comes in contact tends to move away because of the “contact scare”. But do not worry this is an autoimmune condition but it is not contagious. The problem is that the natural shedding of the cells is not taking place and the cell development and cell production has increased quickly.

The skin cells keep collecting on top of each other especially on the elbow, knee and joint areas. These whitish scales can also develop on the scalp, feet, palms, hands, neck, face, mouth, genital region, or nails. Psoriasis needs to be taken care of in time by swami ramdev psoriasis ayurvedic remedies or conventional modes of treatment so that the patient gets respite. There may be very bad days and there may be days when there is no rash or flaky skin.

The skin has a tendency to become inflamed, red, patchy, raised and flaky white. The patches of skin that are red and covered with silvery white scales can cause an itchy or burning sensation or it may even bleed. The symptoms are different for different people but it is important that the skin disorder stays in remission. During remission the person with psoriasis stays free of symptoms though the disease lurks inside the body. Restrict the alcohol and smoking intake and stay away from stress as these aggravate psoriasis.

People may resort to topical applications and corticosteroids to feel better though herbal remedies like Divya Kayakalp Kwath , Divya Rasa Mankya, Divya Pravala Pisti, Divya Kaya kalp vati, Divya Giloy Sattva, Divya Tala Sindura, Divya Kaisora guggulu, and Divya Arogya Vardhani. All these medicines provide nutrition for skin cells and also increase the immunity of the person and help in fighting the skin disorder.

Treat Maladies And Illnesses With Baba Ramdev Medicines

Baba Ramdev has contributed uniquely to the field of yoga and herbal remedies worldwide. His prowess in yoga asanas and ayurvedic remedies was noticed by Indians, when a large number of people suffering from various maladies showed an immense improvement in their medical condition, after being treated by these natural methods. Slowly his popularity reached across borders and now, many allopathic doctors do agree that the treatment advised by him for many lifestyle conditions are effective and helpful in treating diseases.

all-150-baba-ramdev-ji-patanjali-ayurvedic-products-medicines-list-tipsmonk-3Baba Ramdev runs two pharmacies – Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Yogpeeth which manufacture a variety of products. These ayurvedic pharmacies are equipped with the latest technological equipment and they manufacture Baba Ramdev medicines that deal with all the diseases that are pertaining to the human body. Many people take these medicines instead of the allopathic and conventional treatments because they are safe, targeted and effective.

Baba Ramdev medicines can treat physical, physiological and mental diseases and make sure that the person stays healthy and fit. These remedies are based on herbal extracts which are medicinal and organic in nature and they can deal with a variety of medical maladies. Dangerous medical complications like cancer can also be treated by these ayurvedic treatments. Digestive, circulatory, respiratory, excretory, dental, bony issues, eye, skin, back pain, heart, acidity, hair loss, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and so many more medical illnesses can be dealt with easily with ayurvedic therapies. It’s a must not to self-medicate, so it is imperative to take the help of an ayurvedic medical practitioner. The ayurvedic therapies work on the person without leading to any complications.

The herbs for preparing these medicines are collected from amidst nature and these consist of superior quality plants. Different parts of these plants like seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits etc all are utilized for preparing medicines in the laboratories. These raw herbal parts are used for the preparation of remedies. The medicinal extracts and other essential ingredients are removed from the plants with the help of latest technology equipment and then they are transformed into fluids, capsules or syrups, according to need.

Miraculous healing and changes have been bought about in the living pattern of most people who are taking to the natural way of living. Quality of human life has improved dramatically and these herbal supplements have succeeded in improving health by providing man with natural options. Health conditions are improving because of this revolutionary change in the pattern of medication. People do not have to resort to the chemical laced medications to suppress the symptoms of any disease; rather they can improve their immune system and also fight disease with the help of herbal treatments.

Ramdev medicines are available online very easily and they can be obtained at the reasonable basic cost without shipping charges. The products are delivered to the doorstep and this serves as a blessing for the people who are far away from India and are unable to get the products from a nearby area.

Inflamed Liver? It May Be Hepatitis A, B Or C Infection

An inflammatory condition in which the effected organ is the liver is called hepatitis. This is generally due to an infection caused by a virus or it may be due to the autoimmune condition of the body. Sometimes the liver swelling is because of toxins, drugs, strong medications or alcohol.

Liver is an essential organ as it performs critical functions of the body. The liver produces bile juice that contains enzymes that help in the digestive process. The toxic wastes of the body are filtered by the liver and it also helps in the proper metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. There are many other important functions of the liver that get hampered if there is a swelling in the liver.

In autoimmune conditions, the body itself develops antibodies against liver and thus the organ starts to develop an inflammation. The upper right quadrant of the body becomes tender to touch. Millions of people are suffering from chronic hepatitis without having any idea about it. Hepatitis A, B, C, D & E are basically viral infections that need to be treated right away. Lifestyle precautions and timely vaccinations can help prevent some viral infections of the liver; in other cases the patient can take Swami ramdev ayurvedic medicine For Hepatitis A, B, C (Yakrt-Sotha), which is a natural herbal combination with medicinal qualities.519_1_bm

Herbal Medicines such as Divya Giloy Sat, Divya Sarvkalp Kwath, Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor, Divya Swarnmakshika Bhasma, Divya Praval Panchamrita, Divya Arogyavardhini Vati, Divya Kasees Bhasma, Divya Udaramrit Vati, Divya Svarna Basanta Malati, if taken in the right proportions can be very helpful in treating the inflammation in the liver. These medicines are helpful in treating all different kinds of liver swellings.

There are some home remedies that one can try when there is liver inflammation, one of them is taking bhringraj to strengthen the liver and encourage cell rejuvenation. The easily available licorice root also has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and thus can help control deterioration of this bile producing organ. Taking other natural food elements such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and garlic are very effective in treating liver conditions. It’s imperative that the person stays away from alcohol and smoking as these can be very harmful for liver. Garlic helps in detoxifying the body and this can be taken as it is or in the form of capsules.

Liver problems effect digestion and thus it is imperative that a person takes proper rest, maintains proper hygiene, washes hands regularly, drinks sufficient warm water each day, and exercises daily. These are some compulsory lifestyle changes that will make sure that the liver stays healthy. Try to eat light lunch and dinner as compared to breakfast as this will help in aid the digestion. Taking papaya is very beneficial in all kinds of hepatitis and this fruit should be a part of the daily routine.


Heavy Bleeding Or Lack Of Menstruation, Walk The Natural Path

Women face many problems with their reproductive system. Menstrual disorders can disturb normal life of women and they may suffer from excessive bleeding that is menorrahagia or lack of menstruation or amenorrhoea. Lack of mensuration may be because of low haemoglobin levels in blood. Lack of proper bleeding in the first few times may also be because of late starting of periods.


Women in the reproductive stages of their life are supposed to get their menstrual cycle on time and if this does not happen we call it as Amenorrhea. Amenorrhea may also be due to pregnancy or lactating period after child birth. Normally menstruation halts for about 9 months or more till after the baby is born and the mother feeds the new born.

Menorrhagia on the other hand is heavy menstrual bleeding. If the bleeding does not halt in 4-5 days as it is normally supposed to do it leads to tiredness, weakness and anaemia. Fibroids in uterus or consuming blood thinners can be a cause of excessive bleeding. An imbalance of hormones or some other disease can also lead to these conditions so it is important that a woman facing these medical complications takes treatment on time, or it may lead to infertility issues. It is imperative to take a healthy and nutritious diet or else the body may start working erratically. Women, who have a lot of birth control bills or intra uterine contraceptive devices, have also complained of excessive bleeding.

Stress is also one of the main reasons for an upheaval in the menstrual cycle. Lack of bleeding is a common symptom in case of PCOS, cervical cancer or uterine polyps and heavy bleeding is noticed in conditions like vaginitis, inflammation in pelvic region, cervicitis etc . These conditions cause tiredness and weakness and the woman often remains irritable and sleepless. The chin starts to develop hair and the voice becomes heavy.

The loss of blood and other menstrual symptoms lead to a pain and weakness in the legs, backaches, lower abdominal pain, acute headaches, neck stiffness and the women may end up pale and dull looking. Lack of appropriate menstrual cycle may be because of multiple pregnancies, imbalanced diet lacking proper nutrition, and low haemoglobin levels. You need to be careful and eat a healthy diet; A diet with iron rich foods is healthy for a person.

These conditions can be easily treated and with a proper hormone adjustment therapy,. The conditions are a result of an imbalance between progesterone and oestrogen which are all also responsible for weight gain, multiple pregnancies, infertility, breast pain, facial hair and polycystic ovaries. You don’t want to undergo the exhausted and fatigued out feeling because of lack of blood in the body.

The best way is to take ayurveda based Ramdev medicine For Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhea (Less Menstruation) to regularize the periods. Divya pravala Pisti, Divya Stri Rasayana Vati, Divya mukta / moti pisti, Divya Amrita Sattva, Divya Kaharava Pisti, and Divya Vasantakusumakara ras are very helpful in treating these conditions.

Go Natural! Use A Cold Compress For A Migraine Or Headache

Migraines are excruciating headaches that can leave a person searching desperately for a pain killer to relieve the acute pain. No matter what painkiller you choose, there will be side effects of the chemical based medicines for sure. Some drugs end up increasing the intensity of pain further so it is better to tread the natural path.


Natural treatments like baba ramdev medicine For Migraine help relieve the pain faster and also improve the blood supply to the brain. When the nutrient and blood supply to the brain is improved, the pain automatically starts to lessen. If Divya moti pisti , Divya Medha Vati , Divya pravala pisti , Divya Medha Kavtha , and Divya godanti bhasma are taken regularly, the acute pain in the head and the light sensitivity are dealt with adequately well and the patient feels much better. The migraine and headache episodes are reduced greatly and the person’s concentration becomes better naturally with the help of herbal extracts got from nature.

A migraine or a painful headache can leave a person incapacitated and unable to work. Loud sounds and bright lights can be extremely irritating to a person. Many people also experience a weird smell before a migraine attack takes place and then they complain of vomiting and nausea. The smell indication is termed as an odor aura. There is throbbing pain in some part of the head or the patient may complain of eye pain. A migraine can leave a person cooped up in bed for days at a time.

Don’t start taking the potentially dangerous painkillers to eliminate the pain, instead try out natural or home based remedies. You first need to find out triggers of the pain and then try and stay away from the obvious causes. Maintain a diary and stay vigilant on the symptoms your body gives you and if you feel a headache is creeping up, darken your room and lie back to relax, so that it doesn’t aggravate your condition. This will help control agitation of mood and high heart rate.

As the heart rate reduces, nutrient and blood supply to the brain is balanced and head ache starts to become better. The pumping in the head reduces drastically in this manner. Drinking a lot of water also increases the oxygen supply to the brain and lessens the intensity of the headache. You can place a cold compress on the base of head and back of neck and feel relief instantly. The flow of blood to the brain will reduce and the throbbing will reduce.

Soak feet in warm water at the same time and this will ease the pressure on your brain. The forehead and temples also need to be kept cool to relax. Take a soft massaging of the surrounding muscles to ease the tension in the body and the head will feel better for sure. The kneading of the different spots on the neck, back and shoulders will ease the pressure and leave the area relaxed.